Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Work and stuff

Been busy so let me just jump in with some drawings.

I'm still working on the robot and boy story, but it definitely needs help. However I have decided to finish it with my original idea of doing a shot at a time. Here are a few more.
We've been playing ping pong at the studio! Its a fun break from drawing and also is fun to be competitive with the story crew.

I'm also toying with another idea which I am really excited and confident in, which is very rare! I think that it will go well. here's a sneak peak., just working on the story before any design comes in.

Other than that life is good, I'm enjoying living in New York City and working here. I have a few trips planned coming up to explore even more of the east coast. Meg is cranking out jewelry like there's no tomorrow, trying to keep up with her orders.

In the next week or so I will be posting more stuff. Stay tuned!


tek! said...

I fear your ping pong skills!
i'm glad you are hapilly living the good live in NY!

benjatoon studio said...

sooo great work!!

Joe Lee said...

awesome mike!
cant wait to see more dude

Johnny B Animation said...

remind me not to challenge you to ping pong

Jeffrey Lai said...

love the point of view in the first
and that second pic has such nice lighting!


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