Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Happy Tuesday!
This one goes out to my studio mates! We've been sharing a big room in Cinematico's studio space for a couple of years now. Its been fantastic and a great place to be. I've spent quite a LOT of time working in this space, and its been great! Check out Cinematico's new site!

Pascal Campion and I have worked together going back a few years. Since we have a similar work ethic, we decided to move into a studio together after we both left. Pascal's artwork and consistency in creating a finished story sketch everyday inspires me greatly to keep up my blog and to share my ideas.

Lyla Warren 's artwork and animation is amazing! She is great at thinking out and discussing her ideas and trying to use animation for the greater good!

Andy Ristaino's animation and comics continue to impress! You can check out his comics through SLG, and his latest book "Escape from Dullsville" is coming out very soon!

Big heaps of thanks guys!

Here is the next few steps in thumbnails of the robot story! Sorry if its hard to read.


chrisallison said...

dude, AWESOME thumbs style. i love it. so fluid, appealing, and clear. you're a master, daley!

Lyla said...

You are the sweetest. Thanks for the nice words and cute drawing. I will be sad we are not all working together anymore BUT I look forward to visiting you in NY!!! You are gonna ROCK IT! I'm so excited, happy and proud of you.
...also I love the roughness of your thumbs... it breaks the story and composition down to it's most basic elements. they are fun to read :)

Dik Pose said...

And you inspire me again, Mr. Daley! Great thumbs!!!

Ashleymarie Sey said...

Hey Michael,

It's Sey. We met at Comic Con last year (I hung around alot asking you guys all sorts of questions on illustration and whatnot... *shrugs* you probably met a million people there... anyway...)

Your robot idea looks great. I'm excited to see it's further development. Sounds like you are having a great time with your studio mate. :) It is so much easier working and creating artwork with a buddy than it is by yourself. :) I'm struggling with that right now being that my art buddy and I have completely different schedules this semester. Going to have to fix it... and with graduating hopefully that will be easier.

Love the illustration of you and your fiancee. Hope all is well with the both of you! So sorry I was not able to make the "Terrible Yellow Eyes" show.

Lel said...

I really love the layout in the first one! ^_^


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