Monday, March 29, 2010

phew! Super busy now that I'm on the east coast! This past weekend I went exploring into the city and during the week I have been busy at Blue Sky. Its really great fun, I hope that they keep me on after the temp position runs its course. more on all of this later. I'm tired, goodnight!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thanks!

Here's a picture of my very awesome family!

I owe them quite a lot for all of the terrific support that they have shown me. Moving farther away for a while will be hard, but I hope to have them visit a lot. A big shout-out to the Daleys! Thank you!

Here are the next two parts of the robot story. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Happy Tuesday!
This one goes out to my studio mates! We've been sharing a big room in Cinematico's studio space for a couple of years now. Its been fantastic and a great place to be. I've spent quite a LOT of time working in this space, and its been great! Check out Cinematico's new site!

Pascal Campion and I have worked together going back a few years. Since we have a similar work ethic, we decided to move into a studio together after we both left. Pascal's artwork and consistency in creating a finished story sketch everyday inspires me greatly to keep up my blog and to share my ideas.

Lyla Warren 's artwork and animation is amazing! She is great at thinking out and discussing her ideas and trying to use animation for the greater good!

Andy Ristaino's animation and comics continue to impress! You can check out his comics through SLG, and his latest book "Escape from Dullsville" is coming out very soon!

Big heaps of thanks guys!

Here is the next few steps in thumbnails of the robot story! Sorry if its hard to read.

Monday, March 08, 2010


Happy Monday!

Here is a little nod to my fianceé Meghan and one of our favorite things to do, just hang out. Boring, I know, but its actually very nice to relax together at home! I'm really lucky to have her; she is so patient and supportive of my craziness! Anyways, here's a shout-out to Meghan. Thanks babe!

Here is the next part of the robot story. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Eastward and Onward!

Salutations, comrades of the web!

I have some really big news! At the end of this month, I will be starting a new job as a storyboard artist at Blue Sky Studios in Greenwich, CT (about a stones throw from NYC!). This is an absolute dream come true, needless to say I am elated (aka bouncing off of the walls more than usual). I am also very nervous, and hoping to do well so that they will keep me on for a good while. There’s a massive Amazonian butterfly doing Tae-Bo in my stomach but don’t worry, I’ll throw a hamburger on it later tonight.

It all went down when I posted on my blog that I would be in New York, and while I was visiting my aunt on Long Island, I got a call from the recruiter at Blue Sky telling me that they had seen on my blog that I was in the area and asked me if I had time on my short trip to come in for an interview. I was thrilled at the opportunity and got over there a few days later! The interview was really enjoyable, what a great group of people! I was really happy to find that there were a lot of fun drawings on the walls and great people eager to make amazing movies! I pitched some thumbnail drawings that I happened to have on me to the directors and the storyboard teams while I was there. They were kind enough to sit through my chicken scratch and I got some insight into my own pitch from their feedback. Everyone there was really nice and at the end I left the studio feeling like I had a really great time. I have a lot of high hopes for my time there, and I know that I am going to learn a ton about storytelling. The standard is high and I know that I am going to get my ass handed to me so I plan on giving it my all! The standard at Blue Sky is astronomic and their movies are so incredible, I’m anxious to jump in!

Friends and Family

First and foremost I have to give recognition to all of the wonderful people who have made up my support system over the years. It’s really true that you cannot do it all on your own. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful folks and I feel that my entire personality is made up of bits and pieces of all of them. This is especially true of my patient fianc√©e Meghan encouraging me every step of the way. She’s the most amazing person that I’ve ever known. I’ll post more on friends and family in the up coming weeks!

Mentors and teammates
One thing that I am really looking forward to in the new gig is having a good mentor, director and team to help me grow in my artistic endeavors. I have been quite on my own for the past few years, when all of the creative directors left the animation department at LF, and then again when I went freelance slowly building up a boutique animation company around my skills in games. But getting a company of of the ground requires things like hiring contractors and taking on larger projects, requiring quite a bit of playing boss/planning/scheduling/tweaking/delivering (this is also known as ‘not making art time’). I do not mean to discredit the amazing companions that I work with at the studio, far from it. They are a great inspiration to me, but we are all so strong and independent in our work that it’s been a bit like herding cats to get us to work together on anything. Being independent has been a great learning experience, but it has proven to be very lonely.

Leaving beautiful SF will be hard with its blue atmosphere, timeless magic and hilly landscapes; the life that I have built here with my good friends and coworkers has given me so much support and that will be difficult to give up. Then again… I am at a point in my life where I am still flexible enough to make a big move and I would very much like to live in/near New York City. Somehow, I’ve also hypnotized Meg into the idea to move with me so… here goes!

For the next two weeks I will be in San Francisco running around trying to pack up my life into a carry-on. I plan on trying to see as many people as possible, so drop me a line if you are around so that I can see you before I, like, lose my west coast status, broheme! Tata for now!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I just got some very exciting news! I'll have to figure a lot of things out... but more on that matter later. Have a glorious Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Its Tuesday again just like last week! I wonder what will happen next week?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Gordon Rider Chicken Katsu Attack!

Happy Monday!

First off, I would like to share a piece of fan art that I made for my friend Jon Murakami's character, Gordon Rider: Hawaii's Worst SuperHero! it was a lot of fun to work on an a great character to portray in a zany attack. Thanks Jon! You can check out the Gordon Rider comics here: Gordon Rider

And here is the next piece for the robot and boy story. Have a good start on this week!


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