Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sneaking In


A lot of people have been asking about this story with the robot and the boy that I keep posting. What is it for? What is it about? Why is it in a million pieces of still art? When will it end?

This is a short story being slowly laid out little by little each day until it is finished. The story will be put to a music track written by the terribly talented Matias Cudich. You can check out the beginning of the music here:

The story started as a basic idea that my friend Matias and I were discussing as a possible collaboration. We decided to make a music video together. Matias is a terrific guitar player and musician so he is handling the musical part, and I am handling the visuals and the writing of the story. I seem to be constantly editing and rewriting the story as it goes, but I will probably edit it down quite a bit whenever it's finished.

I am tackling this large project as a warm up sketch most days of the week so it can actually get done on top of my other piles and piles of work. When it is done it will hopefully be a boardomatic-style music video and/or a neat little booklet! : )

Here is the next piece of the story. Enjoy!

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