Thursday, February 25, 2010

East coast trip!

Hello, hello! I'm back from the east coast! I had a terrific trip. I expected it to be insane but ended up to be a very relaxing time. I think that the east coast has lost its edge! Kidding, I'm just old. I first flew to Philadelphia to meet Meggie at the tail end of her jewelry trade show. Since I packed all of her crazy display cases and materials to be shipped to Philadelphia, it only makes sense that I had to pack them back up and send them to San Francisco : ). I did however get to fit in a decent Philly cheese steak. The snow was heavy, but that made the trip more fun by contrast with the snow-free bay area.

I then went to visit my aunt who lives on Long Island. I got outside to shovel her driveway. The 7 year old neighbor kid showed me how. "He's a thirty year old man who has never shoveled snow! What do you think of that?" asks my aunt, pointing at me. The kid just raises his eyebrows and shakes his head. Gotta start sometime!

New York City was fantastic! Had a great time gorging myself on the good food there along with walking, cabin and taking the subway to different spots. My friend Luca’s friend Gene was nice enough to meet for drinks and to show us a bit of the city. Her work is really great, check it out here. Thanks Gene!

Studio Nos

An unreal stop motion studio in Williamsburg that I had the great fortune to visit! What creative work with textures and forms! Truly inspirational. I walked out of that studio feeling refreshed and excited about animation. You should definitely check out their amazing work! Matt and Jeremy, the animators and directors at the studio are two very kind individuals. They took time out of their crazy busy day to give us a tour of the studio and to show us some of their personal work as well. Amazing all around! Check out their reel, its sick!

Blue Sky

I also had a chance to drop by the incredible Blue Sky Studios way up in Greenwich, Connecticut. This trip was a bit of a surprise and I had a chance to meet a bunch of the people there: story team, directors and producers. They were great and patiently sat through a quick thumbnail pitch of a project that I am working on. Thanks for the tour guys!

And of course right when I got back to SF a bunch of things happened and I missed yesterday’s post, but that’s okay, here are a few drawings for today! The first is a drawing in my sketchbook from a time when a friend and I hiking through the So Cal hills came across the remains of a dog that had been eaten by coyotes:

The other two drawings are parts of the continuing robot story. Enjoy!


Matt Spangler said...

Nice work Daley! Really dig the moonlit and the trap door sequence.

dwilson said...

Sounds like a beautiful trip, nothing beats time spent mixing friends, great food, and art. Good luck with the story you pitched.

Nonie said...

Dang, man, I live in Philly, wish I could have seen you while you were out this way! Though, if you were here only within the last week or so, I was in Spain anyway... Good luck with the pitch :D

Nearchos said...

Great work Michael!


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