Monday, January 25, 2010

1 cup of New Year, a sprinkle of resolutions, a dollop of drawing


Its 2010! A new year is upon us, and like a lot of people
at the beginning of the year, I am excited to have the opportunity to re-evaluate my life directions and choices, expand on others, and to get rid of others. For the past two years I have been really trying to follow through on my resolutions with some success! So this year will hopefully be no exception.

First and foremost, I plan on spreading out my activities a bit. I got just too bogged down with work in the past few months and have been unable to breathe ( hence the absence of posts!). It is dangerous to list out your resolutions, as you may look back at unattained goals and feel like a failure. So I feel that it is good practice to also be flexible with your goals.

I’ll post more about my goals here to follow, but I wanted to include a few sketches since this is an art blog and I like to draw and share!

Here is a random sketch that I liked of a monster for no reason other than fun:

And here is a sketch from a story that I’ve been formulating in my mind about human vs machine decision making. Here I am just playing around with future worlds. I think that it’s a bit odd to think that humans will be comfortable living in big cold shell-like ships. I think that would last for about ten seconds and then people would start dreaming about the sun and plants and earth tones, comforting things. Why wouldn’t we expect a future world to be more comfortable than the one that we are living in now? Anyways, it needs work, and I’ll do some more iterations, most likely after the robot story.

Have a good week!


Alina Chau said...

WICKED monster creature!! Wonderful illos!! ^______^

- J - said...
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- J - said...

What an awesome creature! Can they be tamed? I'd love to have one as a guard dog. Hee hee!


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