Monday, October 05, 2009


Here is a piece that I created for the Purrcasso Art Auction

This is not my parents house per say, but these are the two dogs that I grew up with, Vincent and Charlie. They would nap next to each other in the sun warming themselves.

Purrcasso is a Silent art auction for the Berkeley Humane Society. They are accepting donated art to be auctioned off. Check it out:

There is going to be a lot of fantastic art at the silent auction, so check it out and participate by either by submitting art or coming to the art auction. Its all for a good cause!


Alina Chau said...

THey are sooo CUTE!! Beautiful comfy illo ... now I want to nap too ... DARN IT!! It's still the middle of a work day!! >.<

Muffin said...

love it. :) Very relaxed.

Bill Robinson said...

AAAAAAAAAHH SO GOOD. Is up on the blog now!

Mike Moloney said...

I cannot believe how prolific you are and the quality doesn't dip.

Curt Edwards said...

You art is amazing! This is your uncle in law (Debbie's Husband), found the link on your Dad's facebook. I have a blog on here also just getting started, My Blog Link hope to meet face to face one day. Keep up the amazing work!


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