Friday, October 16, 2009

Michael Daley at Alternative Press Expo

Hi all!

Dropping a quick line to let you know that I will be exhibiting my artwork at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend! Its a small indie press gathering in San Francisco at The Concourse at 620 7th Street. Its $10 big ones to get in, so its definitely a deal if you want to check out local talent! I will be exhibiting with my buddy Pascal Campion!

I have a some exciting new prints and I made a very small run of books that look like this:

I will be premiering these items for sale at APE and after APE, they will be available online through email and snail mail, so let me know if you are interested in a book or a print and I hope to see you at APE!!


Alina Chau said...


Kate Whitmore said...

Hello! I found your blog just following links--I really like your stuff! Just wanted to say congratulations on the show!

Biocreep said...

Thank you!

Steve LeCouilliard said...

Good luck at APE Mike! Wish I could be there too. By the way, the art on this here blog is amazing dude!


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