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Monday, February 09, 2009

She Said Yes!

This past weekend was very special one. I proposed to my longtime girlfriend, Meghan Riley (and she said Yes!). Here's a little pic and the story below if you're interested!

The adventure begins when I told Meghan that I was going to take her away for the weekend and that the destination was a surprise. As we were packing on Friday morning and getting ready to leave for the weekend, I kept trying to convince her that we were going to Stockton or Fresno (not her cup of tea). Then I tried to convince her that we were going to Las Vegas because she doesn’t like that much either. Finally I told her that our destination for the weekend was Mendocino, a place on the coast that we love exploring but have actually never spent any time. Here’s a picture: (

Mendocino is about a 3.5 hour drive north of San Francisco . It is a small artists’ community with the New England architecture being restored in the 50s. Its just a few streets wide and sits on a bluff sticking out into the ocean. The surrounding shore is very rugged and cliffy and has lots of those beautiful, flat-lying pines you often find on the coast of Northern California . The water is beautiful and blue, but a little too cold for much swimming or surfing. The tiny town itself is chock full of art galleries, jewelry galleries and little cafes. We stayed at a funky bed and breakfast called the John Dougherty house, which makes its own scones and peach jam. I’m a pretty big scone fan.

Although it rained on our drive up to Mendocino, Saturday was surprisingly warm (t-shirt weather) and clear! Sunday was a little cool but still nice until late afternoon when it began to rain again on our drive back to San Francisco .

Saturday in Mendocino we walked through the town looking at the art and walked near the water. At sunset, we took a quick walk down to the cliffs before dinner. The sun was out and the entire cliff-line had that ‘golden coast’ hue that you get with the sunsets here. I had my backpack (I usually have it with me filled with sketching materials) and I acted as if I just remembered that I had some funny drawings that I wanted to show her. I pulled them out and handed them to Meghan. They were drawings of Meghan and I at different little points in our relationship: us meeting, driving together, skiing, reading on the couch, going on vacation together in Europe, but the final drawing was a little picture of me proposing to Meghan. I then got down on one knee and pulled the box with a ring out of my backpack and opened it up. I told Meghan that I love her very much and I asked her to marry me and to be my wife. I can’t decide if it feels more surreal to say it, or surreal to think that I actually said it!

Meghan looked down at me on one knee, then she looked to the ring in my hand, and just like in a lovely fairytale, shrugged and said “Yeah,.. sure.. okay.” Continuing with the wonderful dream I said “What the hell do you mean ‘Yeah... okay...’ What kind of answer is that? The answer is either YES or NO.” And to that she said YES!

With that business settled we walked further along the cliffs until sat down on a log to watch the beautiful red sunset fade to dark. I told Meghan that I asked her father for his blessing a few months ago. He told me that he loves his daughter very much and to take good care of her. I assured Meghan that my parents love her too and that’s when it got a little emotional. We got up from our perch as the night rolled in and we trekked back to the town to dinner and to call our families. All in all, a great weekend and we both couldn’t be happier! -The End


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