Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tut tut...

... it looks like rain! The rainy season has come to Sf after a short heat wave. It was nice to have some heat and to be outside, but I also love the showers. The air smells so good and the city turns into all shades of blue blue blue

I have been working on storyboards and design work and have been feeling pretty good about my daily regime. I cannot wait to show what I have when I revamp the website. Overall, I am excited about the future and am hoping that this year will be a fun and eventful one : ).

My girlfriend, Meghan Riley, has her website up now with jewelry, check it out! She will be showing at a few merchant shows around the area and in Las Vegas this year. Her work is also available at the boutique Circle and Square in Pacific Heights.

Also, Andy Ristaino has joined our crew at the studio space! We are very excited and happy to have him here with his awesome comic book skills. We are working on some big ideas, more to come on that in the future!

Stay warm!
-Mike D.


marco's blog said...

nice piece! i love his expression.
great stuff on your blog...

Joe Karg said...

You sure make some pretty images on here.

Great blog!

pascal said...

One of my favorites of yours!


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