Friday, September 26, 2008

Jumping down

A quick study of some movement for this morning. Enjoy!


Anthony Rodriguez said...


Hobofish said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now. Amazing drawings, I really love your stuff!!

boob said...

Hey Mike!

Some nice recent posts ya have up here. I dig the antrho-gators a little ways down.

If ya got the time, check out a blog a friend and I have put together -
Basically just trying to inspire some artists with a topic generator for daily, weekly, and monthly cycles. Thought you might appreciate :)

And ya hafta tell how being a "renegade" is going :) I've never been one for freelance per se, but I've always liked the thought of setting up shop and working with some friends.

Mac McCool said...

Nice, fun, spontaneous drawings! Great inspiration, Mike! Hadn't stopped by in a while (just finished a crazy-busy stretch!... Still recovering). Hope all's grand! Take care!!

matterandthings said...

Ahem! I'm waiting for more posts from you! I update my blog, finally, now it's your turn!


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