Monday, July 21, 2008

Comic Con 2008

I am very excited to announce that My buddy Pascal Campion and I will be sharing a table exhibiting at Comic Con in San Diego this upcoming week (July 23rd through 27th)!

Comic Con is a huuuuuge convention of comic book stores, comic book artists, animators, video games, film, toys, basically everything visual media. Add to that roves of obsessed fans and you have one heck of a circus. Its a blast!

There is also an undercurrent of independent artists selling their artwork and small print collections of their art, and that is exactly what Pascal and I are doing!(....and pic!)

We will be selling original artwork as well as small print limited edition books of our sketches from throughout the year. Our books will debut at comic con, so pick them up there if you can. If you can't make it and still wish to get a book, I will be keeping some to sell online after con. I will post a another note on the this blog about the books in August. Drop me a line if you're interested and I can reserve one for you.

Things I am looking forward to at con this year:
-All of the great artists that whose work I have come to know and love.
-Andy Ristaino's The Babysitter!!!
-Robert Valley's Massive Swerve.
-Mike Mattesi's Force: Character Design from Life Drawing
-Any Battlestar Galactica stuff (I'm a nerd)
-Any Lost stuff (Super nerd)
-Any Dr. Horrible stuff (Guffaw! Mega Nerd!)
-My animation buddies from So Cal.

W00t! I'm gonna geek out for a week! But I will be back.
Stay cool!


annie said...

man, saying hey to you is one of the few things I'm gonna miss for opting out of SDCC this year. :P

Chantale Boudreau said...

Hey Mike, This drawing remember me something... A think you were working on it when we went to your place... Great job! I love the character pose and the colors :)
Have fun at the ComicCon... and keep me one of your book!!!

Jake said...

it was cool to see you down there. i'll talk to ya later on dooder :)

Good Eats said...

Yo Mike, It was nice meeting you at SDCC. I like the actions of the drawing in your book. Hope you had a chance to read the SCRAP book. I still think you got cheated in our book exchange ahhah.


Breadwig said...

Hey Mike, it was great to meet you at the Con. Thanks for the copy of your book, super nifty.


Valérie Morency said...

Yeah you where woking on this one when we where around! Great! To see the final result and I really can't wait to see some MikeD's work :D! yeepeee :D!

Kevin Barber said...

Great to see ya again this year. Love the new book. Keep in touch.


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