Friday, May 30, 2008

More Brainses

Here is a drawing for the Drawergeeks! group's bimonthly theme: Zombie!


Valérie Morency said...

You're welcome! That Grans is a hilarious character to draw I must say! Hoo yes a zombie!!!JUst love those :D!

Leif Tande said...

lol!!! That is the real way to escape zombies! (and possibly also the reason why they are so hungry for "braaaaaaiiiiiiiins").
Awesome, very funny piece!

Say, Michael, I'm a cartoonist from Quebec (I work with Val!) and I was wondering how I can get to publish drawings on DrawerGeeeks?
I have no clue how to send them my stuff...

*daisy said...

ooh drawergeeks!! I -love- their stuff! :) Awesome zombie! My fiance Damon has a mild obsession with zombies as well.. whenever there's an illustration friday theme, he tries to fit in a zombie somehow... ha ha ha!!

(psst... if you can hook me up with the drawergeeks contact person as well, that'd be so rad! I need a DG hookup!) ;)


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