Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Forest Bird

Drawing for today, Tuesday!


Mac McCool said...

Nice again, Mike. Her silhouette and skin rendering could be a bit softer, no? But I enjoy the elegant and poetic gesture. Hope you're well, dude!

Kaboche said...
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Kaboche said...

I didn't saw that one really nice!

Tooninator said...

this is gorgeous. I'm a big fan of your daily sketches. They tell great stories. I've been trying to adopt some of this goodness. I figure if I learn even one thing from you, I'll be ten times the artist I wanna be.

Xenrath said...

This reminds me a little bit of the style used for the "Gorillaz" music videos. Very nice.

Erin Hicks said...

wow mike. . .always a delight to see your work! :)

Lucy said...

i really enjoy your blog! hope you post more drawins for all of us to see! ill keep watching by!

Pd: my english is not very good, sorry if i speak none senses! :P


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