Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gossip in the Thicket

A group of guards gossiping in the thicket behind the… castle?


Aaron Paetz said...

Hey Mike,

I've been diggin the work lately! Quality AND quantity.

I want to learn about how you think while you work. In what order do you do things for a drawing, etc. Do you have everything figured out before you even start? Do you keep a list of things you want to draw and just pick from the list everyday? I am just so curious.

Aaron Paetz said...


P.s. - I want a copy of your sketchbook. How do we work that out?

annie said...

the trees look like they're glaring down disapprovingly. :D

Kevin Barber said...

My goodness i am amazed at your ,...prolificity.
(Is that a word?) Anyway,..amazed at your high quality output.You put me to shame.Keep em comin.


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