Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Paper Epiphany: My New Sketchbook at Comic Con!

Comic Con is finally here! I will be at booth h11 selling my sketchbooks, including my brand new sketchbook for this year, Paper Epiphany!

Check out a few pages below! Email me if you would like to buy one and I can send it to you. If you have an art book of your own I would love to trade! See you at Comic Con!


Aaron Paetz said...

Cant wait to get one myself! See you there!

Justin Ridge said...


Linda said...

I really reallu like the red haired mermaid!!!

btw.. whats Comic Con?

BEN said...

uaaaaah!!! FANTASTIC!!! Love the fight!!COOL, very dynamic!!!

Felix Lim said...

love it so much man!


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