Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Booth Babes

Here is the drawing for today from Illustration Friday’s theme: Geeky. If you have ever been to a big comic or game convention, some companies will hire a pleasant looking girl to hand out flyers and greet people at their boothspace. They are called “Boothbabes”. What really happens is all the guys don’t come within 40 feet of the booth and all take pictures with their digital cameras of the girl. I rarely see people talk to the boothbabes. Yeah, she’s getting paid, and yes dudes want to see the girls, but I feel just awkward for everyone involved.


annie said...

Incredibly, incredibly geeky. and an unexpected take on the term, so very nifty. :)

I know first hand that conventions are a breeding ground for social awkwardness!

Erin Middendorf said...

awww! thanks for makin' her curvy and not anorexic!

Sarah Dungan said...

If I wear a low cut shirt and a push up bra can I be your booth babe? ;-)


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