Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey all, here are some more random drawings, most telling a story. Let's start with me sleeping at a desk...

I always wished as a child that I would find a hidden cave with magical treasure!

Ever read Fahrenheit 451?

Chicks dig guys with guitars, AMIRITE?!?!


adam said...

the bird looks likes it's either performing its solemn duty or is absent-mindedly shitting. either way, those are some huge gams on those ladies.

Mr. Shen said...

Holy jeebus. That cave illustration is amazing.

katzenjammer studios said...

dude mike. sweet sketches. Really digging pen treasure sketch.

-Mike N.

Muffin said...

totally with you on that secret cave thing. I used to look for them everywhere. I also looked for Moses in a straw bed in the high grass by lakes etc. I even think I found one once.


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